We use the latest equipment to capture nature in amazing 6K and high-speed.


We have the largest high definition stock vision library of Indo-Pacific reef life in the world!


We are an Emmy Award winning multimedia production company based in North Queensland.


Our blog is continually updated to keep you up-to-date with the latest news and interesting articles.

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Eaten Alive

Australia is well known for its dangerous animals, so it is only fitting that we would also harbor the worlds most venomous snail, the Geographic Cone Snail (Conus Geographus). With venom...

Symbiotic Marvels of the Sea

I have completely fallen in love with symbiosis. Animals that have evolved to work together to protect, feed and clean one another in a mutually beneficial relationship. A...

Orpheus Island Research Station

Orpheus Island Research Station

We have been lucky enough in the last month, to take a couple of trips to Orpheus Island for the purpose of filming the baby black tip reef shark nursery...



It’s Shark Week this week and we want to give a massive shout out to a fantastic organisation that we had the privilege of working with earlier this year, ...

Where it all began

Where it all began

We recently took a trip back to where it all began for Richard back in 1989, Reef HQ Aquarium ( ) in Townsville Australia. Richard was lucky enough to be employed...

Raine Island

Raine Island

Richard is off to Raine Island again.  Ironically his departure coincides with World Turtle Day.  After realising he has been to this highly protected coral cay on well over 40...

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Biopixel specialise in natural history film-making, with a particular focus on research and conservation. 

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